The Jar Project is a Portuguese endeavor, the culmination of a fervent need to combine sustainability with a jovial and light approach, severely lacking in these troubled times. 

Our clothing is completely sewn with nothing but organic cotton and, keeping true to our conscious and sensible posture, manufactured in the absolute minimum quantities possible, in an effort to reduce waste and maintain manufacturing quality.

Our visual language, both imaginative and descriptive, owes its ingenious voice to current affairs, and is a modern reflection and reinterpretation of old-time sayings and timeless knowledge. The kind of phrases you'd get with grandma's casserole on Sundays.

This communication doubles as an analogy to our dedication to a more coherent and anti-wasteful production, reusing ancient ideas, molding them to the needs and desires of contemporary life and modern individuals.
For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact our team via our Instagram @jarprojects or email​​​​​​​
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